New version NEAR Mobile import accounts

marzo 4, 2024
NEAR Mobile new version import accounts

At NEAR Mobile, our commitment to providing a secure and efficient NEAR Wallet experience is unwavering. The latest update tackles a significant challenge by introducing the option to manually import accounts. This feature addresses the issue preventing some addresses from appearing in the app. In this post, we’ll delve into the root of the problem that has affected the NEAR ecosystem, describe our solution, and offer a brief tutorial for our users.

Overcoming the API Challenge

In addressing the recent challenges within the NEAR ecosystem, it’s essential to acknowledge the widespread impact caused by the sudden malfunction of a third-party API, crucial for the functionality of numerous dApps and wallets. This unforeseen issue hindered the ability to retrieve necessary account and transaction information, affecting a broad spectrum of users and services across the NEAR community.

To navigate this obstacle, NEAR Mobile introduced a manual account import feature in our latest update, allowing users to add their accounts by entering the public address directly into the app’s settings. This solution restores access to those accounts not returned by the current API, ensuring all users can manage their assets efficiently. Accompanying this update, we’ve prepared a concise video tutorial to guide (keep reading) our users through the new feature, simplifying the process and enhancing the overall user experience.

Furthermore, we are aware of the warning message on the staking page, introduced as a measure of transparency to inform users about the potential temporary inaccuracies in staking amounts due to the API issue. We’re pleased to announce that a forthcoming version of NEAR Mobile will eliminate this warning message, as the underlying issue has been resolved, ensuring the accuracy of staking information. This update is a part of our ongoing efforts to provide a seamless and reliable user experience.

Delving Deeper: The Path to Resolution

To fully understand the depth of our response to this challenge, it’s important to look closely at the steps we took from initial identification to final resolution. Here’s how we addressed and overcame the obstacles:

  1. Upon receiving reports from users, we swiftly identified the issue’s source: the kitwallet API. Our team worked diligently to understand the problem and communicate with our community, reassuring them about the safety of their assets.
  2. Through our Telegram support channel, we engaged in detailed conversations with concerned users, ensuring transparency and support during this period.
  3. Our immediate response included integrating a new API service. Despite initial challenges with performance and data retrieval, particularly for old accounts, we were committed to finding a solution.
  4. Continuous efforts led to a new release focused on enhancing performance and adapting to the new API’s data structure.
  5. The latest update introduces a feature for manually importing accounts not recognized by the new API, addressing the last significant challenge faced by our users.
  6. While we’ve made significant strides in resolving these issues, our journey towards optimizing NEAR Mobile’s performance and user experience is ongoing.

What’s Next for NEAR Mobile

Looking ahead, we are excited to share what the future holds for NEAR Mobile:

  • Improve API performance: A forthcoming update will introduce an additional API service, enhancing the wallet’s speed and resilience.
  • 2024 Roadmap: Having recently outlined our roadmap for 2024, we’re thrilled about the surprises and new features awaiting our community. From usability enhancements to unexpected announcements, the upcoming year promises to elevate the NEAR Mobile experience.
  • Community Engagement: Our participation in NEARCON in Lisbon was a highlight of this year, offering us invaluable feedback and ideas directly from our users. Such interactions are pivotal to our development process and vision for the future.

Reflecting on Our Journey and Looking Forward

As we release this latest version of NEAR Mobile, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to our users for their patience, feedback, and loyalty. Your insights and experiences are the driving force behind our continuous improvement and innovation. The challenges we’ve faced together have only strengthened our resolve to provide a wallet that not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

We remain committed to enhancing NEAR Mobile, always prioritizing the needs and security of our community. As we move forward, we encourage you to stay connected with us through our Telegram support channel,, and YouTube channel. Your engagement and feedback are crucial to our journey, and we look forward to sharing this exciting path with you.

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