NEAR Mobile new version: .tg accounts and NEAR dApps

febrero 13, 2024
NEAR Mobile new version .tg accounts and dApps

Enhancing Your Wallet Experience

At NEAR Mobile, our commitment to delivering an exceptional user experience for the NEAR Blockchain community remains paramount. We’re excited to announce a suite of updates in our latest app version, designed with our users’ needs and the evolving blockchain ecosystem in mind. Our non-custodial wallet’s newest features – including .tg accounts support – reflect our dedication to innovation, security, and user-friendliness.

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Support for .tg Accounts within the NEAR Ecosystem

We’re thrilled to introduce support for .tg accounts, a groundbreaking feature that seamlessly integrates Telegram accounts into the NEAR ecosystem. This enhancement not only simplifies the user experience but also fosters greater accessibility and connectivity within our community.

Android Swipe to Disconnect: A User-Centric Fix

Listening to our Android users, we’ve fixed the swipe gesture to disconnect from a decentralized application (dApp) from the preferred list. This update underscores our commitment to a frictionless user experience, ensuring that managing connections is as intuitive as possible.

Curated dApps List: Trusted Partners and Vetted Applications

Understanding the importance of reliability and security, we’ve updated our dApps list to include partners and vetted applications. This careful selection process signifies our dedication to providing our users with access to the best dApps in the ecosystem, ensuring a safe and enriching experience.

Enhanced Token Visualization

To further enhance the NEAR Mobile user experience:

  • Mapping Token Image: We’ve added images for the most important tokens, making balance checks and transactions smoother and more visually appealing.
  • Updated Default Token Image: The app’s aesthetic has been refined with an updated default token image, contributing to a more enjoyable navigation experience.
List of Tokens NEAR Mobile

Meta Transactions Update: Empowering dApp Integration

The new update includes a fix for a new type of meta transactions, enabling dApps to cover transaction fees for their users. This development not only enriches the user experience but also encourages wider adoption by reducing entry barriers for new users.

Language Inclusion: Swahili Support

In our quest to make NEAR Mobile accessible to a global audience, we’ve added Swahili language support, expanding our reach and embracing linguistic diversity within our community.

Expanding Our dApp Ecosystem

NEAR dApp ecosystem

Our ongoing efforts to integrate a broad range of dApps into NEAR Mobile have seen successful collaborations with platforms like, Metapool, Burrow, Popula, and Potluck. We’re also excited about the upcoming integration of Ref.Finance, Near.Social, Learn, and Jumbo, further enriching our ecosystem and offering users a diverse range of services.

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