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mayo 9, 2024

At NEAR Mobile, our commitment to enhancing your near wallet experience continues with the latest version of our app. We’re excited to introduce a suite of new features designed to make managing your NEAR assets easier, more intuitive, and more enjoyable.

Introducing Our Redesigned Home Screen and User Experience Enhancements

We’re thrilled to unveil a redesigned home screen that not only looks better but also enhances functionality:

  • Direct access to Ref Finance Swap: A new button directly connects you to Ref Finance swap, streamlining your trading processes right from the home screen.
  • Redesigned Icons: We’ve refreshed the icons across the app—they’re not only cute but also crafted to make navigation more intuitive.
  • Enhanced Token Management: Improving on how tokens are managed, we’ve streamlined the flow for sending tokens to make it more intuitive. Additionally, tapping on a token now brings up a modal that displays the token’s description and offers shortcuts to immediately send or swap it
  • User Experience Improvements: We’ve integrated helpful tips throughout the app, based on your feedback, to assist both new and seasoned users in navigating and utilizing our wallet more effectively.
  • FAQ and Support Shortcuts: To further support our community, we’ve added a FAQ section addressing common inquiries, along with a direct link to our Telegram Support Channel for personalized assistance.
NEAR Mobile support and swap

A Special Note to Our iPhone Users

We recognize that our iPhone users experienced a delay in receiving this latest update, which includes the resolution to the staking balance visualization issue. Please be assured that this was purely a display issue and at no point were your actual assets affected. The delay was due to extended technical discussions with Apple, but we’ve worked diligently to ensure that these issues are resolved and that our iOS community receives the same robust support and functionality as our Android users.

NEAR Infrastructure: Balancing Innovation and Demand

NEAR Blockchain excels in delivering high-speed transactions and low-cost operations, attributes that have attracted a substantial user base. This popularity, while a testament to NEAR’s capabilities, occasionally strains the infrastructure, leading to performance challenges that have impacted many services in the ecosystem, including our NEAR wallet.

Aware of these growing pains, NEAR is actively enhancing its systems to keep pace with user demands and future innovations. As partners, we are committed to supporting these improvements, ensuring that the NEAR ecosystem remains robust and efficient for all users.

NEAR Wallet Support: Secure and Direct Assistance

At NEAR Mobile, ensuring the safety and security of our users is a top priority. In an effort to provide dependable and secure support, we’ve integrated a direct link to our official Telegram support group within the NEAR Wallet app. This initiative counters the risk posed by unofficial groups on the internet, where imposters often attempt to mislead and scam our users.

To further protect yourself, remember never to share your private key or seed phrase with anyone, not even with individuals claiming to be NEAR Mobile staff. Our team will never directly message you asking for sensitive information. We encourage all users to use this official channel for any support needs and to remain vigilant against unsolicited messages or requests for personal information.

Looking Forward

As NEAR Mobile evolves, so does our dedication to delivering an exceptional near wallet experience that not only meets but exceeds your expectations. We appreciate your patience and feedback, which are crucial to our continuous improvement. Stay connected with us through our Telegram support channel,, and YouTube channel for the latest updates and developments.

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