NEAR Mobile and Ref Finance: DeFi on the NEAR Blockchain

marzo 26, 2024
Ref finance integrates with NEAR Mobile

NEAR Mobile and Ref Finance

At NEAR Mobile, our mission is to continuously enhance the functionality and security of the NEAR Wallet, providing our users with a seamless and efficient platform for managing their digital assets. Today, we’re thrilled to announce a landmark partnership with Ref Finance, the leading DeFi platform on the NEAR Blockchain, marking a significant leap forward in the utility and versatility of the NEAR Mobile wallet.

Understanding Ref Finance

Ref Finance stands at the forefront of decentralized finance (DeFi) within the NEAR ecosystem, offering a comprehensive suite of financial tools and services. From simple token swaps to advanced leverage products like perpetual futures, Ref Finance caters to a broad spectrum of risk appetites and investment strategies. Its user-friendly interface and robust platform make it an ideal partner for NEAR Mobile, as we aim to provide our users with direct access to a world of trading and portfolio building opportunities.

Make money trading Sweat Coins

Sweat is a pioneering app and one of the top projects on the NEAR blockchain that rewards physical activity. By converting steps into a digital currency known as «Sweatcoins,» the app encourages users to lead healthier lifestyles. These coins can then be redeemed for a wide array of products and services from over 600 partners, making physical activity not just rewarding for health but also economically beneficial.

Make money with sweat with NEAR Mobile integration with Ref Finance

A significant aspect of this partnership is the empowerment it provides to our users, especially those holding Sweat tokens. With this integration, converting Sweat tokens into NEAR or various stablecoins becomes a straightforward process, unlocking new possibilities for portfolio diversification and investment. Whether you’re looking to engage in simple swaps, stake your assets, or explore the more complex realms of DeFi like leverage products, Ref Finance and NEAR Mobile together bring these options directly to your fingertips.

A Look at Our Journey: Comprehensive Ecosystem Integration

This partnership with Ref Finance is not just a milestone but a continuation of our commitment to integrating NEAR Mobile with the top projects within the NEAR ecosystem. Our platform has successfully incorporated functionalities with leading projects, enhancing our wallet’s ecosystem and providing our users with unparalleled access to the best the NEAR Blockchain has to offer. Our list of partners continue to grow and we have many more on the works

Continual Improvements: Resolving Challenges

In our previous update, we addressed ecosystem-wide challenges related to staking inaccuracies and account imports caused by issues with the main NEAR API. Through diligent work, we navigated these obstacles and implemented solutions in record time, as detailed in our last post. These efforts underline our dedication to not just resolving immediate problems but also enhancing the overall stability and reliability of NEAR Mobile.

Looking Forward

The partnership between NEAR Mobile and Ref Finance is a testament to our unwavering dedication to innovation, security, and user satisfaction. As we continue to expand our services and integrate with leading platforms within the NEAR ecosystem, our focus remains on providing our users with a comprehensive, secure, and efficient digital asset management tool.

We’re excited about the future and invite our community to explore the new functionalities brought about by this partnership. Stay connected with us through our Telegram support channel,, and YouTube channel for the latest updates and developments.

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