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julio 25, 2023

Exploring NEAR Blockchain In the exciting world of blockchain, it’s always fun to experiment with new applications and pioneering features. However, amidst the constant innovation, the importance of maintaining some stable, familiar tools cannot be underestimated. These foundation stones provide a secure environment for interaction with the latest developments. The quintessential example of such a

The Future of NEAR Wallet and NEAR Protocol

Blockchain, NEAR

junio 21, 2023

TL;DR The BOS seeks to tackle the main challenges for massive web3 adoption. Web3 brings many solutions to web2 problems but it is complex for newcomers and fragmented along many different blockchain networks. BOS aims to be a common layer on top of the different blockchain networks that make the onboarding process easy, the app

Blockchain Operating System (BOS). NEAR Protocol

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mayo 30, 2023

How to keep your NEAR safe The Critical Role of Seed Phrase Storage Picture this: You’ve embarked on the exciting journey of cryptocurrencies, setting up your non custodial wallet. Suddenly, you realize your seed phrase, that crucial string of words you were told to keep safe, has gone missing or worse, someone else has gained

The Ultimate Guide to Seed Phrase Storage

Blockchain, security

abril 12, 2023

A non-custodial wallet is digital wallet where the user has full control over their private keys

What is a non-custodial wallet